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[ student rate £320 ]
Web Gallery ready next day + 3 photos retouched

I normally shoot headshots outdoors on location in North London (weather permitting).

Average session length is around 2.5 hours. Please leave up to 3/4 hours for the session, just so we have margin to run over. We’ll work until I’ve captured a range that both you and I are happy with. We'll review the shots as we go, taking breaks for coffee and cigarettes etc. On average I take 500-700 shots per client - with a wide variation in looks and style, so that you end up with a portfolio to suit all manner of different castings.

After the shoot I’ll upload your images to a private website where you can review all the shots and select your favourites - the gallery will be ready next day. You are also welcome to opt for a DVD of the images instead of a web gallery, if you'd prefer.

With the basic package you get 3 shots retouched for free – this involves cropping, tone & colour correction, getting rid of blemishes, reducing eyebags etc. Additional retouching is charged at £15 for the first shot and £30 for each therafter.

My normal turnaround on final retouch requests is apprx 14 working days (mon-fri) from when you email your final list of chosen shots. Please be aware that I do work abroad at various points throughout the year, I will let you know any away dates coming up around the session - but if you take a while to select your final shots please be aware that turnaround time may be longer if I'm then away when you submit your requests.

I can sometimes do an express service if you're in a desperate rush, email me to discuss a quote - and please let me know when you book if you need the photos for a specific deadline.


Full professional edit + web gallery + 8 photos retouched

This is my original way of working. It's the same shoot, normally outdoors on location. But after the session I will edit the photographs for you (often around 700 images) – by sorting them into different folders in order of preference, and eventually narrowing it down to a final-list of the best shots. These will be a range of different styles to suit the kind of castings that you might be going up for. I don't delete anything and you'll still get to see everything we've shot, but you'll also get my feedback & guidance on which I feel are the strongest images - from a casting perspective.

I then retouch my 2 favourite shots - so you can see what they look like when finished, and use that as a point of reference for selecting your finals. Then everything from my initial selection, shortlist, finals and edits goes up into a private web gallery / digital contact sheet, organised by preference - I will email you a link to view it - and then it's up to you and your agent to decide which other 6 shots you want to select for retouching, for a total of 8 final images.

My turnaround for the initial edit service is normally apprx 14 working days. And a further 2-14 working days when you've chosen your final shots. I can sometimes do an express service if you're in a desperate rush, email me to discuss a quote - and please let me know when you book if you need the photos for a specific deadline.

Why do I work this way: I've found that from experience, clients often find it difficult to be objective when it comes to looking at hundreds of photographs of your own face. Often shots which would work brilliantly for casting can be overlooked in favour of images that clients feel are flattering of particular features. Part of my job as a photographer is knowing what makes a striking, eyecatching image and being able to sift through hundreds of shots to select the best options. I've photographed thousands of actors; part of my expertise is being able to recognise the images that will make for beautiful, unique and intriguing headshots that will get you into the right casting rooms. Even if you disagree with the ones I shortlist, having a full edit does make it significantly easier for you to choose the best ones as all the images will be pre-sorted into different folders according to how strong I feel they are.

I can also do an express service if you'd like to go for this option but need the shots on a faster turnaround. Email me to discuss a quote.


+ CREATIVE PORTFOLIO = from £560* plus £120 MUA
Headshots & Mid/Full-length portfolio for IMDB + Edit + 12 Shots retouched

Images are the copyright of Faye Thomas and licensed for personal portfolio usage (IMDB, spotlight, agency websites, personal social media) ONLY. Copyright clearance for any additional usage must be agreed upon prior to publication. Note: Additional editorial / press / merchandise licensing options are available by special arangement to clients working with publicists who need images for intended PR & press distribution - email me to discuss a quote. OR please refer all press publication queries to my syndication agents at eyevine.com

* Creative shoots are available by SPECIAL ARANGEMENT ONLY – email me to discuss your requirements. Please be aware that additional studio hire may be necessary. Rates start from £120/half day.

Same editing set up as the premier option – but with the addition of portfolio and studio shots; this can include headshots, plus whatever else you need. This option is normally reserved for clients working with US Managers / publicists and needing mid or full length shots or more editorial style images for personal PR campaigns. Please note that unless otherwise agreed upon all photos are licensed for free use on IMDB, spotlight, agency webites, personal social media, and personal websites ONLY. All editorial and press copyright clearance must be approved prior to publication or go through my syndication agent: www.eyevine.com

Hair & Makeup artist - I 100% recommend booking a MUA, the ladies I normally work with charge £120 for the session, or you're welcome to bring your own, but it is necessary to ensure we can shoot a wide range of looks.



Important: terms & conditions - read before booking!




Editorial, Fashion, Commercial, Production Stills & Cinematography rates

Rates are dependant on the kind of shoot, how long you need me for, production budget, and what the intended usage is. Please email me to discuss a quote...




Optional extras & Additional Retouching

I can sometimes offer an express retouching service for clients needing final shots extremely urgently - this is an additional £50 for one working day (mon-fri) turnaround of up to 6 retouched images as selected by you, but must be arranged in advance when you book the shoot - and is subject to my availability.

For clients only booking the basic package, but also wanting a full edit service (as included with the premier service) to help narrow down the selection process, this can be ordered separately, and includes 1 additional retouched shot (selected by me). Fee: £50

If you'd like a hair & makeup artist for the session this can be arranged dependant on availability - rates vary, depending on artist.

If you want any additional shots retouched, beyond the number included with your package (3 with the basic - 8 with the premier - 12 with the creative). This is charged at:

£15 for the first photo and £30 for every shot thereafter.

Images are uploaded to the web gallery in web-suitable resolution (around 1150x1720 pixels) - excluding the final retouched shots which are uploaded in full high-resolution. If you would like me to send a DVD of all the images in high-resolution format, this is an additional £20 inc p&p.




Turnaround Times

Basic package: Photos will be uploaded to a web gallery and delivered within one working day of the session (mon-fri).

Premier service: Editing of the gallery and 2 initial edits normally takes 10-14 working days, sometlmes less if I'm not too busy or can be a little longer around spotlight submission deadlines (March-May, August-November).

My normal turnaround on final retouch requests is apprx. 10-14 working days from when you email your final list of chosen shots. This can sometimes be longer around spotlight submission deadlines. I also work abroad at various points throughout the year, I will let you know any away dates coming up around the session, and keep an eye on my contact page for availability notes. If you take a while (more than 6 weeks) to select your final shots please be aware that I do have to prioritise editing of recent clients with urgent requests, so turnaround time may be longer if I'm extremely busy or out of the country when you get in touch.

NOTE: I recommend that students book sessions over easter holidays as it gets extremely busy over the summer and urgent last minute turnaround for September deadlines cannot be guaranteed.




I do not offer prints. Instead, you can take the disc to somewhere like Visualeyes - www.visualeyes.co.uk where they specialise in printing actors headshots to the optimum quality.

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